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Murdoch Mysteries Seasons 1-10 DVD Special Features
Language: English    Boxed Set: Yes    Discs: 43 pcs
Release date:2016    Condition: New    Weight: 2.5 kg
Format: Support both NTSC & PAL        No. of Season: 1-10
Region: Region Free – You can enjoy it wherever you are
Leading Role: Yannick Bisson,Hélène Joy,Thomas Craig
Murdoch Mysteries Seasons 1-10 DVD Photos

Murdoch Mysteries Seasons 1-10 DVD

Murdoch Mysteries Seasons 1-10 DVD Overview

Some episodes feature anachronistic technology whereby Murdoch sometimes uses the existing technology of his time to improvise a crude prototype of a technology that would be more readily recognizable to the show's 21st-century audience.In still another, a foreign police officer has a photograph that Murdoch needs as evidence,Murdoch Mysteries Season so Murdoch asks the other officer to overlay the photograph with a grid numerically coded for the colour in each square, and to transmit the numerical data to Murdoch via telegraph – with the end result that the foreign officer has essentially sent Murdoch a bitmap image they call a "facsimile" – a telefax.In one episode, for instance,Murdoch Mysteries Season he creates a primitive version of sonar to locate a sunken ship in Lake Ontario. In another, he effectively invents wire-tapping. 

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