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Spenser for Hire Seasons 1-3 DVD Special Features

Language: English    Boxed Set: Yes    Discs: 9 pcs
Release date:2016    Condition: New    Weight: 1 kg
Format: Support both NTSC & PAL        No. of Season: 1-3
Region: Region Free – You can enjoy it wherever you are
Leading Role: Robert Urich,Avery Brooks,Barbara Stock
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Spenser for Hire Seasons 1-4 DVD Boxset Freeshipping

Spenser for Hire Seasons 1-3 DVD Overview

In "An Eye For An Eye," Spenser quotes Edmund Spenser,Spenser for Hire Season a 16th-century poet, which may be where the name originated since the spelling is the same. When introducing himself,Spenser for Hire Season he often said "Spenser with an 'S', like the poet." Spenser was surprisingly sophisticated for a private eye and former boxer. In "The Choice", it is revealed that Spenser did poorly in a professional fight 12 years ago, which might have contributed to his leaving the profession. However, he still boxes and exercises at Henry Cimoli's Gym. He is well-read, often quoting poetry in everyday conversation. He is also an excellent cook, often cooking recipes he picked up from watching Julia Child on his kitchen counter television.Spenser is the only name used for this character throughout the show. While it is clear in the novel that Spenser is the character's last name, this is never made clear during the show.

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