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The Knick Seasons 1-3 DVD Special Features
Language: English    Boxed Set: Yes    Discs: 9 pcs
Release date:2017    Condition: New    Weight: 1 kg
Format: Support both NTSC & PAL        No. of Season: 1-3
Region: Region Free – You can enjoy it wherever you are
Leading Role: Clive Owen Andre Holland Jeremy Bobb Juliet RylanceCummings
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The Knick Seasons 1-3 DVD

The Knick Seasons 1-3 DVD Overview
In New York City in 1900, The Knick Season the Knickerbocker Hospital operates with innovative surgeons, nurses and staff who struggle against the limitations of current medical understanding and practice, in effort to minimize morbidity and mortality. Dr. John Thackery (partially based on historical figure William Stewart Halsted), the new leader of the surgery staff, balances his cocaine and opium addictions against his ambition for medical discovery and his reputation among his peers. Dr. Algernon Edwards, a Harvard-educated black American surgeon (probably based on the historical Daniel Hale Williams and Louis T. Wright) who trained in Paris, The Knick Season and is much more qualified than any other candidate, must fight for respect among the all-white hospital staff, as well as in the racially charged city. While struggling to keep the lights on, the hospital attempts to attract a wealthy clientele, without sacrificing quality care.

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